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Dressler, R.L. 1972. Dos especies nuevas de Gongora. Orquideología 7(2): 71-77.

Abstract. The complex of Gongora quinquenervis is difficuit to classify, partly because of its inherent complexity and partly because of sloppy botanical work. It is suggested that the group can best be understood through field work and a knowledge of the variation within natural populations. A terminology is suggested for the structure of the lip (figure 1), alld two new species are described from Central America. Gongora gibba is charaterized by the ventrally convex base of the lip and occurs with G. quinquenervis and G. tricolor in central Panama. Gongora claviodora has garnet-red flowers with the "horns" reduced to thin angles and occurs with G. quinquenervis in western Costa Rica.


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Pupulin, F. 2001. Addenda orchidaceis quepoanis. Lankesteriana 1: 1-28.


Abstract. Sixteen orchid species are first reported for the area of Quepos in addition to those recorded for Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. Generic descriptions are provided for the genera not previously recorded for the area, and each species is described and illustrated. Data on distribution and phenology are provided, together with keys to the genera including more than one species in the area. A new species, Epidendrum montis-narae Pupulin & L. Sanchez, is described and illustrated. Two previously recorded species, Epidendrum isomerum and Oncidium polycladium, are illustrated from material collected within the study area.

Key words: Orchidaceae, Taxonomy, Tropical Wet Forest, Costa Rica, Quepos


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